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Wintah Maine

Walking on a back road From school No sign of the sun Leaden clouds overhead Fields frozen by deep snow. A northerly wind from Montreal A long slog home. Grey slush underfoot Cold wet seeping Through soles Another mile to Grandmother’s house. Where waits The warmth of a pot belly stove Pull off boots Peel […]

homer’s GULF STREAM – Photo Roman

Dark Man lived on Crooked Island. His people had been slaves. They were free now. Poor, but free, and Dark Man was one of the best fishermen in the Bight of Acklins. Waking at day clean his wife cooked a meal and he left Maddie with a kiss. “I goin ta sea.” “All a ya […]


At the debut of the 20th Century the painter Winslow Homer holidayed on the Gulf Stream. Florida. Cuba. And the Caribbean. According to Wikipedia he read McCabe’s Curse, a Bahamian tale about a British Captain McCabe who in 1814 was robbed by thieves, hired a small boat in hopes of reaching a nearby island, but […]