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BIG FOOT by Peter Nolan Smith

In 1977 I moved out of my SRO room in Greenwich Village to the East Village with my hillbilly girlfriend. The third-floor walk-up on East 10th Street had a bathtub in the kitchen and a water closet off the living room. I carved Alice’s name on the wooden window sill. We lasted until 1979. The […]

Martha Stewart to the Rescue

Uncle Carmine was born on the Lower East Side. His wife Jane hailed from Maine. She called Cumberland Falls the last place God created. It’s a good 10 hours drive from East 11th Street. Carmine’s death wish was to be buried overlooking Schoonic Bay on Columbus Day. Jane’s old man gave up the ghost in […]

Quote of the Day – Mae West

“It ain’t no sin if you crack a few laws now and then, just so long as you don’t break any.” – Mae West Uncle Carmine was in agreement, although he felt, “it ain’t breaking the law as long as you only break one at a time.”

Mideast peace in our time

Israel unleashed the military wing of its airline El Al on Hamas this morning . Gaza Strip authorities are reporting the heaviest casualties in years from scores of raids throughout the Hamas-ruled strip along the sea. 195 dead in revenge for the recent spate of rocket attacks from within Hamas-controlled territories, killing one Israeli and […]

Silence for the Fat Man RIP

With its climate and cheap prices Pattaya is livable, despite missing several vital ingredients for a sophisticated life. The most glaring omission is music, mostly since so many of my years have been dedicated to the appreciation of music; rock, jazz, folk, ethnic, classical, country, blues et al. Here you only get techno in the […]