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Better Than The Louvre

Helmut Newton – Genuis


I never bothered to see MIAMI VICE. The movie. Guns, girls, and crime. Tubbs and Crockett. I had been to that Miami Beach; Wolfie’s Deli, Little Havana, the Ace of Spades Bar, cocaine, cheap hotels, and fast boats. My friend found a kilo of blow on the beach and gave it to the local drug […]

An Actor’s Incredible Journey

There is no TV in my top-floor apartment. I watch nothing by NBC, CBS, or ABC. My late father would be happy with my rejection of the ‘boob tube’, although my apostasy was more due to my inability to operate the new-fangled remote controls than the content offered by networks. I hear people talking about […]

NBC Sucks

My nephew in Palm Beach had a meltdown about NBC’s failing to provide live coverage for the London Olympic opening ceremonies. Dear, NBC. You’re all a bunch of capitalist pigs, I hope you get swine flu and take all you advertising dollars to your graves while you’re devoid of real emotion and even more of […]