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God’s Army So What

Last week a couple of dozen SUVs and pickups departed from Virginia for Texas to protest against the relentless waves of migrants overwhelming the southern borders. Their numbers have grown to a few hundred for a gathering of God’s Army in the small Rio Grande town of Quemado -population 162- were the words “Join the […]

Bobby B BADD By Peter Nolan Smith

Gather round my friends And I’ll tell you a tale. About a young man no one knew so well. A drifter dropping off a southbound train. Happy to be out of Amarillo. Bobby B BADD A beat-up black suit covered a scarecrow body. A hundred and fifty-four pounds soaking wet. He bent over to a […]

Lucky’s Night 1955

Lost another job today And my empty pockets don’t help Can’t say the future’s mine But the past wasn’t mine too. So as always I’ll live on account Jamie was there the night I rolled 300 And all she managed to say, “It musta been fixed.” Leaving me all alone. So I took the prize […]

The Legacy Of Europa

The night skies over Italy in 1610 were unsullied by the light overdose of the 21st Century. Galileo Galilei pointed a 20X telescope into the stars, while standing atop of rooftop at the University of Padua. The astronomer spotted a single moon orbiting Jupiter, but the next evening he divined that they were two not […]

Never Call The Police

This weekend in Fort Worth, Texas police responded to a 911 call about a potential break-in from a neighbor, who had seen a woman’s door ajar. The PD arrived on the scene. A rookie officer spotted a woman inside the house and capped 28 year-old Atatiana Jefferson with a 9mm. The victim was in her […]