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COME ALL YE FAITHFUL by Peter Nolan Smith

Pattaya is not a city known for monogamy. Promises of fidelity last, until you leave the room, because this city on Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard offers temptations by the thousands and those temptations rarely say no. Bar girls, rent boys, ka-toeys, booze, and drugs added up to damnation according to Reverend Joe Stannis of the Holy […]


The rainy season had lasted longer than most Thais could remember. Many of Pattaya’s roads were inundated by the overflow from the sewers. One polluted pool stretched 100 meters along Soi Buahkhao. No cars or motorcycles were navigating through the floodzone. The black water was knee-deep, but Nai was in a hurry. His girlfriend was […]

Two For One Sirens of Soi 6 # 8

The girls at the Chic Bar were drunk. Nat had bought two bottles of whiskey to celebrate her upcoming trip to Australia. Her boyfriend had paid for her visa, passport, and flight, plus sent enough money to her home in Isaan for her mother to purchase two buffalo. While all the girls at the bar […]

Siren of Soi 6 # 7

The mama-san of the Chic Bar watched her two best girls leave the front terrace. Nat and Ping said that they were getting some som-tam. All the girls on Soi 6 loved the fiery mango salad. Anyone from Isaan called the popular dish Tam mak hoong. The two short-timers waved down a passing motorcycle with […]

Mona Lisa Massage Bangkok

Teenage boys in the early 70s were not supposed to like Joni Mitchell, but once I loved to France in 1982, I loved the line from FREE MAN IN PARIS. “I was a free man in Paris.” My freedom remained unfettered throughout the next two decades and while living in Thailand, I changed the lyrics […]