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Muse of the Sex Pistols

Lesson 2. Establish the name Sex Pistols. Who was this girl? Not a natural blonde. British. Now about 50. Then 18. This goddess of punk was in THE GREAT ROCK AND ROLL SWINDLE. Where is she now?

Johnny Rotten Lives

In the winter of 1977 GOD SAVE THE QUEEN hit the jukebox of CBGB’s. Punk had gone international. The song was #1 on the UK charts without getting airplay and the Sex Pistols further immortalized the hit by playing the nihilistic anthem on a Thames River cruise. The band never performed in New York, but the words to ANARCHY […]

Sex Pistols In the Lone Star State

NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS by the Sex Pistols was released in late-October 1977 The LP was buoyed by the hit singles GOD SAVE THE QUEEN, PRETTY VACANT, and the hot HOLIDAY IN THE SUN and while rejected by the BBC and various UK record stores, the Sex Pistols’ album reached the # 1 spot without […]

GOD SAVE THE QUEEN by the Sex Pistols

” Queen Elizabeth II was honored by a Silver Jubilee in 1977. While most of the English were glad to celebrate their sovereign’s 25th year on the throne, the country was in a terrible state with the war in Occupied Ireland and unemployment on the dole was the destiny of the young. it was not […]


Hit # 8 on the UK charts in 1977. “We tried our Holiday In The Sun in the isle of Jersey and that didn’t work. They threw us out. Being in London at the time made us feel like we were trapped in a prison camp environment. There was hatred and constant threat of violence. […]