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January 3, 1978

This freezing afternoon I walked up Broadway in a thin leather jacket. I couldn’t resist stopping into Mayer’s Art. I entered Fran’s place of work. My eyesight was blurred, since I wasn’t wearing my glasses and thought she wasn’t there, but then I spotted Fran standing behind the counter with two co-workers. She stepped away […]

TRASH FIORUCCI by Peter Nolan Smith

In July of 1977 the windows of Fiorucci on East 60th Street featured the latest flash fashion from Italy. These trendy threads guaranteed immediate entrance into Studio 54 or any exclusive disco in Manhattan. I was a punk. Glitter wasn’t my thing, however a gold lame Elvis suit graced the front window and I wanted […]

15 SECONDS WITH ANDY WARHOL by Peter Nolan Smith

Andy Warhol quote: “What’s great about this country is that America started the tradition where the richest consumers buy essentially the same things as the poorest. You can be watching TV and see Coca Cola, and you know that the President drinks Coca Cola, Liz Taylor drinks Coca Cola, and just think, you can drink […]

Journal Entry – January 1, 1978

Death to 1977 Onto a year of 78 RPM. It’s snowing and I’m watching the Broncos beat the Raiders. 20-17. Last night at 27th Street was weird. I hit on Alta. We made up and dry-humped in a dark corner. She begged off fucking. I accepted her no, got drunk, puked outside, and sobered up […]

Fashion’s Fury No Lights No Laws

Fiorucci was the style center for the disco world circa 1977. The windows boasted the latest fashion from Italy. Wearing them guaranteed almost immediate entrance into Studio 54 or any other disco of that era. Joey Arias sold clothing and the rest of the employees haunted the night like ghost panthers. They only went home […]