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Bound to Burn at the Stake

Written April 22, 2009 My Argentinean friend, Dampira, send a Facebook survey of what Biblical character she would be. The website search engine decided Deborah, a prophetess of the Old Testament. My apostasy forced a rude reaction. “Better you were Mary Magdalene. A fucking whore.” Dampira was taken aback at my vehemence and I explained […]

Cumberland County Kingdom

Written July 1, 2021 From the Kezar Pond to Saco Bay. Old Orchard Beach to Bailey’s Island. The land of my youth The summer camp on Watchic Pond Built by my grandfather. An orphan became a frontline surgeon in WWI France. A retreat from the horrors to Maine With a nurse, my grandmother. A noble […]

Chaney – Sebago Lake – July 1960

Written July 1, 2021 My best friends as a child were my older brother and Chaney We lived in Falmouth Foresides, Maine. We did everything together. School, hockey, eating stolen strawberries from the nearby farm, hang at the docks at the end of our street, and swim at Sebago Lake. My family moved to the […]

Seagulls In The Air

When I was six, my best friend Chaney and I walked to the end of the McKinley Road on Falmouth Foresides. Portland lay across the harbor. The color of the water was a Maine blue. Seagulls skated through the cloudless sky. Chaney pulled out darts from his father’s den. He gave me one. I threw […]

September 10, 1970 – Journal Entry – East Village

Gold, jewels, power, hate, and sex. Why nations fight wars People decided to die rather than live Stupid reasons. I had a friend in Maine. Chaney and I promised never to swim alone. My family moved from Falmouth Foresides in June of 1960 A week later Chaney drowned in Sebago Lake He was eight. In […]