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Amber Rayne – A Late RIP

From 2004 to her retirement from the Adult Video Industry in 2015 Amber Rayne ran wild as a goddess of lust over the screen of TVs and computers. Her performances covered every genre from lesbianism, no holds barred, and her heart’s delight, bondage. Sadly Amber passed from this Earth in 2016. A victim of a […]

Brian Saltern RIP

Brian and I met at the Jefferson Theater where I was doorman at the Weinstein’s fabulous after-hours extravaganza in 1980. We remained friends through the years. He let me in where he worked and I did the same. He was a gentleman on every occasion. Sadly he has left this mortal coil at the tender […]


The South Shore Drive-In was located off 128 outside of Boston over the Blue Hills from my suburban development of split-level houses. No one went to the twin screens in the daytime, but on summer nights my father drove my mother and their six children to the open-air theater, where we watched THE TEN COMMANDMENTS […]


Prince’s first show was at the Minneapolis’ Capri Theater on January 5, 1979. Throughout his long career the rock star performed his music at 1,332 concerts. I was lucky enough to catch his Palladium gig in December 1981. Richie Boy, my coke connection, and I was walking down West 14th Street and the concert hall’s […]

Nancy BJ

Nancy Reagan supposedly gave the best head in Hollywood during the 1940s. Old Dutch the President never got any, but she wasn’t beyond fellating Frank Sinatra in the White House bathroom. And more than once. The ole Cocksuckette died this week The Right sang her praises. We remember her not allowing her friend Rock Hudson […]