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November 1, 1978 – Journal Entry – East Village

Halloween in New York. That day I worked for Mark Amitin, the producer of ALBEE DIRECTS ALBEE, from 10am to 8pm, having to listen to a complete asshole and fight off his advances. By the time I got back to 256 East 10th Street it was 9pm. Ann had left a note on the table […]

NAKED TO THE COLD SEA by Peter Nolan Smith

In the early 70s We stood on Nauset’s nude beach Hippies not yet punks. A thick ledge of wet seaweed Covered the high tide mark. Off our clothes We lay on the cool green algae Our bare bodies sinking beneath the sludge Comforted by the ocean’s endless bounty Each of us silent Seagulls squatted around […]


The Red Sox break out of their slump, taking two games from the Yankees. Jim Rice looks slow, but they are playing in 95F weather. The weather is no better in the East Village. The agust air is exhausted by summer. I’ve only been to the beach once in comparison to my beach bum days […]