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El Phoenix Bar – Boston

My friend Jorge posted this photo and I thought ‘pink elephant’. Only one place had one and it was in Brighton, Mass. In college I drank in Concannon and Sennetts’, a Commonwealth Avenue establishment with a mural of a naked woman riding a pink elephant over the bar. The dive offered draft ‘ganseets at 25 […]


During the late 1960s and early 1970s I played pinball at the arcades on Boston’s Washington Street. My skills flourished and I competed against older wizards on machines such as Centrigrade 37 and Strikes and Spares. We loved the lights and bells accompanying our struggle to prevent the steel ball from ever dropping into the […]

GASLIGHT PINBALL by Peter Nolan Smith

Pinball was banned as a game of chance in New York City throughout most of the 20th Century. In 1976 a pinball wizard proved the contrary to a courtroom by calling out his shots to the amazed judges. The ace later acknowledged that his called shot was pure luck, however pinball machines once more populated […]

Take It All

David Cameron touched the third rail of British politics in April 2009 with his address to the Tory Party entitled ‘The Age Of Austerity’ in which called for his fellow conservatives vow to cut spending in order to pay down the debt incurred by the Welfare State. Pension programs, clean water, and cheap housing were […]