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Start Spreading the News

The PPP victory in the December election has set up the possibility of Thaksin’s return to Thailand, despite the junta’s demand that whoever rules next will not be allowed to drop investigation against the deposed PM. In truth they should be packing their bags for retirement rather than enacting more edicts against the beloved ex-ruler […]

Sinatra in Hiding.

The Thai government has once more requested help from Interpol to find Thaksin’s address in the UK. It’s not like Sinatra’s taking a low profile in the UK. He appears at the Man City games and 2bangkok.com published a series of photos showing the former PM having a BBQ at his new house. Maybe they should […]

Interpol on the Hunt for Sinatra

In the summer of 1965 Frank Sinatra sailed on the yacht Summer Breeze. He supposedly was hiding from the media, however the yacht’s arrival was greeted by reporters and fans. His passenger, the 20 year-old Mia Farrow waved to the crowd with a Hollywood smile. My mother and I were standing on the dock. She […]

Man City still on the cards for Sinatra

10 Billion baht were transferred out of Thaksin Shinawatra’s bank before the freeze on his accounts. This money was deposited in London and Swiss banks for the purchase of  the Manchester City Football Club, whose fans referred to the ousted prime minister as Sinatra. Shinawatra has to many syllables for Midlanders. The sports entrepeneur has established UK […]

Man City may lose Sinatra

Man City supporters have enjoyed the mangling the name of the club’s potential owner. Shinawatra fast became Sinatra. The fun may be short-lived, as the Thai court has frozen the assets of the Thaksin Shinawatra family. 73 Billion baht comes from the disputed Shin Corp sale to Singapore. The Thai banks insist that over 58.8 billion […]