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NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD by Peter Nolan Smith Chapter One

Six women crowded the honeymoon suite of the Coastal Motel north of Ventura. The buxom ‘groom’ patiently lay on the bed for her ‘bride’, while the brutish camerawoman glanced at the director and tapped her watch. “Lena, are you ready yet?” A bead of sweat trickled down the wiry director’s spine, as she knocked on […]

The End of NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD by Peter Nolan Smith (unpublished)

PAGE 291 Their lovemaking lasted until midnight. They showered together and packed their bags. They didn’t have much. Vanessa locked the door to her friend’s bungalow. She sat in the passenger seat and Sean got behind the wheel on the Lemans. They bought coffee at a 7/11 on Ventura Boulevard. Sean restarted the engine. “You […]

NORTH NORTH HOLLYWOOD – Chapter 20 – by Peter Nolan Smith

Two seconds after the woman hung up, Sean Tempo dialed 911. “Yes, may I help you?” the 911 operator answered within ten seconds. Sean explained the nature of the emergency and gave the operator the woman’s address. Several seconds passed in silence before the operator stated, “EMS no longer responds to that address.” “What do […]