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Zombie Zictims

“Zombies, zombies, zombies.” Last week headlines across America screamed the warning of a zombie attack in Miami after a crazed naked man at a derelict’s face in public followed by a mother eating her newborn’s toes as well as a Maryland college student confessing the crime of cannibalism to local police and a man mutilating […]

Number Phenomena

In 1975 New York’s diminutive mayor asked the federal government to aid the city. Its coffers had been depleted by the fiscal short besetting every American metropolis after the 1973 Gas Crisis. President Ford refused any assistance and the NY Daily News infamously shamed Washington with the headline FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD. The city […]

Number Mad

I moved to New York in 1976. In a stolen car. Not really stolen, but I Newton, Mass. lawyer paid me $300 to vanish his gas-guzzler. I dropped it on the Weest Side Highway, took off the plates, threw them into the Hudson, and walked away from the vehicle. I took the subway to Brooklyn […]

World Cup Madness in Pattaya

Something about the World Cup heightens the degree of macho blood in men’s blood. Fights are common between friends and profligate amongst rival fans. Last night two Brits pummeled a fellow Teabag over whether the UK would knock Australia out of the competition. The Aussies’ win over Japan has increased the possibility of this match, […]