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April 27, 1981 – NYC – Key West – NYC – Journal Entry

A cab ride from the Mudd Club to the Holland Tunnel. A warming from a Transit Cop. A ride to the Vince Lombardi res stop in New Jersey A ride from a trucker to another truck stop. It starts to snow. A ride to a shitty exit. A ride to a shittier exit. The snow […]

April 26, 1981 – Key West – Journal Entry

Last night in Key West. Hiram and I go to a gay disco. We snort coke, drink to excess, dance, huff poppers with abandon. No one asks me to go to the toilet for a blowjob. Their radar tells them I’m off-limits, but they relentlessly hit on Hiram. He’s a move star after all and […]

April 24, 1981 – Key West – Journal Entry

Only another three days in Key west. My strength has returned, mostly because I haven’t been drinking so heavily and stopped snorting cocaine. Drink and coke were my basic diet while I was working at the Jefferson Theater. Right now I’m sitting on the end of a wharf, watching the sun set into the Gulf […]

April 22, 1981 – KEY WEST – JOURNAL ENTRY

Life goes on endelesly on the Key West. I spend my day sunning on the small beach at the end of Duvall Street, ignoring snowbirds’ racist conversations and strangers’ nasty gossip about distant friends and family. It’s the end of Spring Break, so thankfully there are less of them. The color of the Gulfstream cures […]

April 23, 2023 – Key West – Journal Entry

The Bertonis are leaving on Monday and all the flights to New York City are booked into the next week. There is always the possibility of a stand-by seat, but the flight is too expensive. School Break prices, so it appears that I will be stuck in Key West $80 in my pocket. Hitchhiking from […]