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Sway At The Stiletto

Last night at Pattaya’s Stiletto A Go-Go the ladyboys painted their faces for the evening rush. I ordered a beer and asked the veteran mama-san about a star employee. The dragon lady said Lil Vee was in Germany and pointed a long fingernail at a svelte teen sheathed in a shimmering silver dress. “That’s her […]

A DELUGE OF KATHOEYS by Peter Nolan Smith

The mere mention of Bangkok’s Nana Plaza at a New York dinner table peaked the male guests’ interest of men and heightened women’s antipathy toward me. To the former I was a Don Juan and the latter regarded me as Gary Glitter come to life. To be honest I can’t recall ever bar fining a […]

The world Is 4Q – TV Fish

4Q was a cryptic abbreviation for the most spoken phrase in the English language. People say it more than ‘I love you’ or ‘huh’. A variation of the term is ‘snafu’, which means ‘situation normal all fucked up’, which is exactly what I have to say after reading the following article from the WASHINGTON POST. ALERT FOR […]

No Homos in Iran

Several years ago a Bangkok police commissioner visited Pattaya to officially survey the night life. A Bangkok reporter asked, “What are your views on prostitution in Pattaya?” “Prostituition?” The top copper was wearing sunglasses on Walking Street. “All I see are young people having fun.” His response harvested a chorus of hearty chuckles from longtime Pattaya residents, but nothing […]

MEN’S BEST FIEND by Peter Nolan Smith

Last June I was in Pattaya’s Wat Chai market searching for fresh shrimp. Those sold at the big stores (BIG C, Carrefour, or Lotus) were tasteless. After purchasing a kilo of sea shrimp, I headed back to my bike, when a voice called my name. It was Ort. Neither Jamie Parker nor I had seen […]