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CRAZY MUSLIMS by Peter Nolan Smith

Yesterday I called my ‘niece’ Andy to wish her Happy new Year. She had already left the diamond exchange and explained that she was having a drink at the Plaza Hotel bar. “I’m meeting my sister and her wife for Rosh Hashanah.” “Nice, I’m in Brooklyn, otherwise I’d come and meet you.” The beautiful brunette […]

Who Done It

Violent protests against the film trailer INNOCENCE OF MUSLIMS continue to plague the Muslim world and US officials have attempted to find out who made the incendiary fourteen-minute movie that resulted in the death of the US ambassador to Libya along with two of his fellow countrymen. The blame has shifted from a fictitious filmmaker […]

Good Man Down

Yesterday mobs swept over the walls of the US embassies in Egypt and Libya. The crowds were enraged by an amateurish film insulting the Prophet Mohammad. Security forces were able to drive back the two thousand protestors in Cairo, but US consulate and safe house in Benghazi was overrun by attackers. The building was set […]