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Dry Season

E My wife Mam tells me that the water is running from the tap and the Sri Racha water authorities are promising no water shortages in the present heat wave, but in Pattaya old water mains are failing to keep up with demand and funky old water trucks are sucking the Jomtien lagoons dry. City […]

Hot as Blazes

The flight from JFK to Haneda in Japan lasted 14 hours. The lay-over was two hours and the final hop to Bangkok took 6 hours followed by a 9-minute taxi ride to Sriracha. My butt was deadened from sitting and my coccyx felt like it had taken a paddling from a nun. I arrived on […]

First Beer of the Day 2:32pm

The Thai word for humid is choom or cheun. In French it’s lourde or heavy. Either way the days in Pattaya have exorcised a sweaty demon from my flesh. This loss of water weight has my neighbors and mia noi remarking that I look a little thinner. Down to 85 kilos and a BMI of […]