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Friday the 13th Umphang

Several years ago my ex-wife, daughter, and I set out from Chai-nat for Umphang, which is one of Thailand’s most remote regions. I had calculated seven hours for the 500 kilometer trip. It took almost eleven hours of white-knuckle driving through the jungled mountains. The road in Umphang had been known as Death Highway back […]

Friday the 13th 6-13-1974

I respect the power of 13. Back in 1974 my friend Andy Kornfeld and I were driving cross country in a drive-away station wagon. We left from Boston, stopping at Sterling, Colorado-Thompson Canyon, the Id Lounge in Roosevelt Utah before hitting the Stateline of Nevada. I had never gambled in a casino and stopped at […]

LUCKY IN LOVE by Peter Nolan Smith

The dawn sun burned misty shadows off the mountains and a stark brightness seared through my eyelids, as I rose from my sleeping bag to drink in the austere surroundings. Flatness stretched forever. A hissing wind pelleted my face with ancient brine. The salt lay five feet deep this far from the lake. A quick […]

Easy Come Easy Go

The bombing raids on Japan reduces the Pacific nation’s industrial base to a near-neanderthal level. America mocked their first import offerings, although I loved the little radio labelled MADE IN JAPAN. No battery. An alligator clip attached to a piece of metal provided enough energy to allow a young boy in Maine the pleasure of […]

Bet on Thai

The now not-so-new Thai government has been pushing for the legalization of casino to reap the ill-gotten gains of the various casinos dotting the Thai border. 8 casinos in Poipet alone and none of them as glamorous as Reno, because no one goes to Poipet for the magic. Thais love to gamble whether betting on […]