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Palestine Peace Train

Back in the late 19th century European Jews sought a homeland to call their own. The obvious choice was Palestine with their historical ties to the Levant dating back the End of the Exodus and an existing community of 10,000 in Jerusalem and three other cities. By 1918 the Jewish population in Palestine had expanded […]

Not Sorry Yom Kippur

More than three thousand years ago the Israelites emerged from their nomadic existence and established the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel. The Asssyrians and later the Babylonians depopulated the lands west of the River Jordan and the Romans completed the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah in two devastating wars and the Jews were set […]

Old Palestine

Ancient Roman writers referred to Palestine as Syria Palaestina consisting of the lands between theMediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. Jaffa was the entry port for the region. The population was made up of mostly Arabs and a smattering of Jews. Arab warriors protected Palestine from Bedouin raiders. Farmers raised olive trees and orchards on […]

Trump Speaketh Before His Minions

Last evening Mr. Trump addressed to the joint houses of Congress. The 45th President of the USA was greeted by applause from both sides of the aisle, as he made his way to the podium. Representatives and Senators stood his hand and upon his standing before the microphone his GOP minions burst into a celebratory […]