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May 2, 1978

Am I a poet? People think so, but they consider poets wastrels without money. Throughout time poets have suffered scorn, hatred, ridicule, apathy, love, and poverty. Hart Crane wrote THE BRIDGE. Sailors threw him off a ship in the middle of the Caribbean. Poe died from drugs, Byron succumbed to disease in Greece, and Joyce […]

Edgar Allan Poe Illustrations

I inherited THE COLLECTED STORIES OF EDGAR ALLEN POE from my grandmother’s library. This macabre image scared me and all my friends, but even more terrifying was illustrations rats tearing at a captive man’s flesh from THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM. I loved Edgar Allan Poe’s works, especially The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of […]

The Ravens

Leaving work on Friday I asked my boss who he liked in the Super Bowl. “I don’t bet.” “I know that, but who do you like?” Manny had bet on every Super Bowl. His record was perfect. He had never won a bet. “I like the 49ers.” That’s all I needed to hear. Ravens all […]