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Eyes In The Sky

The FAA announced plans to allow Alaska, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Texas and Virginia to test drones for commercial use starting in 2015. The BBC reported that the head of the FAA, Michael Huerta, said safety would be the priority as it considers approval for unleashing the unmanned aircraft into US skies to provide […]

Drones Over DC

It’s winter in the Hindu Kush. The high temperature in Kabul will hit 42 F around noon. Sunny skies will afford the US drone operators excellent down-ground vision over Taliban territoryty. They are also seeking targets throughout the world to exact a deadly toll on the enemies of America with a lethal tool. According to […]

Gaza Versis Goliath

The Old Testament has great plots; Adam and Eve, Moses freeing his people, and the classic David versus Goliath. Israel has touted their relationship to the young shepherd downing the giant throughout the wars against their neighbors without ever mentioning the help of the West. They were never really alone, but few Arab states have […]