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December 21, 1978 – East Village – Journal

GG Barnums was good fun, especially dancing between a glamous queen and ballerina; Shannon and Dove. Shannon kept sticking poppers under my nose and Dove too, whispering ‘fuck me, fuck her’ in all seriousness dancing to Chic’s FREAK. Grant and John joined us in the dance orgy. It had been a long time since I […]

Joni Mitchell In Drag

I was born in 1952. During that prehistoric period doctors had no way of predicting an infant’s sex, yet my mother was so convinced that her second child would be a girl that a year’s worth of pretty pink baby clothing lay neatly stacked in a crib prior to my birth. I imagine she experienced […]

WALK LIKE A WOMAN by Peter Nolan Smith

Billy Wilder’s SOME LIKE IT HOT was a funny movie about two musicians hiding from the Mob in an all-women band and I didn’t think much about men dressing as women, until my next-door neighbor asked in his basement, “Who you think is prettier? Jack Lemmon or Tony Curtis?” “Neither.” The year was 1964 and […]