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Modern American Illiteracy

After a four-day stay at NYU Hospital in August I was signed out for release. I dressed in my street clothing, thanked the staff for their care, and descended by elevator to the ground-floor to hit the streets. I spotted a gift store in the main lobby and stopped to get a newspaper or a […]

THE RULE OF MR. KLAUS by Peter Nolan Smith / Anthony Scibelli

In the early 70s the Twin Towers rose over Lower Manhattan with the promise of a bright future, but by 1975 New York City was declared bankrupt and seven million people lived on the edge of anarchy. The project’s landfill created a desolation along the Hudson. The wind curled around the Twin Towers to blow […]


4 am in Times Square. Bums, crazies, and the poor camp on the sidewalk. I step over them, as if they were the dead. One wino rises his head and burbles from a flaky rotting mouth, “Gimme some change.” I drop some quarters in his hand. Enough for two cruellers at Disco Donut on East […]


In 1978 Anthony Scibelli shot a roman-photo based on my detective poem featuring Klaus Nomi, Cookie Mueller, Clover Nolan, Andy Reese and several other friends from the downtown scene. MoMA celebrated Club 57 in 2017. When I arrived at the opening, a friend said, “You’re famous.” Tony’s photos were featured at the front entrance. No […]

Belated Happy Birthday Cookie Mueller

Today Marcus Leatherdale wished the late Cookie Mueller happy birthday. The Baltimore-born starlette of many John Water’s films passed from this life back in 1989. Cookie exalted in her childhood home stuck between the woods, a state mental hospital, and the railroad tracks. “There was no way I could turn good against those odds.” The […]