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Sie Gesund The Mohel

Two days ago Philip L. Sherman, New York City’s most prominent mohel, passed away after performing over 27,000 circumcisions over forty-five years. A truly holy man, this mohel had time to play music and ride motorcycles between his busy schedule of B’rit milahs, an average of three daily. “My record is eleven in one day […]

Unschlocking the Schlong

WRITTEN 6/26/12 German courts have banned circumcision of older boys on the grounds that the traditional cutting off of the male foreskin causes the child bodily harm. In babies the healing process takes up to 10 days, but for older boys the scar will remain for months. Jews and Muslims angrily protested such a judgment […]


Ten years ago I returned to New York after a long time in Thailand. Culture shock had been minimized by staying at my friend’s $2 million Ft. Greene brownstone, however after a week I had acclimatized to fat people with loud voices, young people walking with cellphones in their hands, and the lack of serious […]

Happy Celtic New Year 5569

The New Year has been celebrated on countless dates throughout history. The Celtic Sahmain in November marked the end of the light half of the year. The Chinese New Year begins with the first lunar month coinciding Tet, the Vietnamese New Year and Losar for Tibet. Most of the other New Years are determined by […]