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Journal Entry December 27, 1977

After midnight I left Diana and hitchhiked to Milton. I refused two men wanting sex. I walked across the Blue Hills in the dead of night and arrived in my suburban neighborhood after 2am. Only my parents’ bedroom light shone on our street. I crept upstairs to my mother’s bedroom. My father was snoring hard […]


Day 1… Get naked and smoke. Day 2… Ask a neighbor if they find it funny that every man in the neighborhood has a penis. Day 3… Flash someone. Day 4… Get your hair done. Day 5….Go to a porn theater (or rent a porno movie) Day 6… Whenever you hear someone say “shit” tell […]

Ho Ho Ho Hannukah

Five years ago my boss’ grandson visited her jewelry store with her husband. The holiday season had been brutal. We had yet to make a sale. While her husband parked their Landrover, Jeri taught the six-year-old how to open a safe and once the handsome lad opened the steel cube she asked, “Did you get […]

Christmas on Walking Street 2007

Twelve years ago my 4 year-old daughter had a long Christmas Eve. Gifts in the morning. Khao Khio Zoo at noon and then a swim at the Shaba Hut pool. By 7pm her eyes drifted together and weary muscles refused to support her weight. I carried Angie into the bedroom and laid her on the […]

No Santa

America has been on a streak of bad luck ever since GW Bush was elected president in 2000. The economy has boomed for the rich at the expense of the working classes. No one buys jewelry. No one buys perfume. No one wants to be a Cheap Charlie, but this year has not been a […]