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Snow Day In New York

Winter used to be the season of cold. In 1978 a blizzard dropped three feet of snow on the Northeast. The suburbs were cut off from the cities by ten-foot drifts on the highways. I lived in the East Village. At night I clomped through the yellowing slush to CBGBs. Army boots and a leather […]

The Blizzard Of 1978

My friend Charlotte was scheduled to fly south to the Caribbean this morning. Her morning flight was cancelled by Jet Blue. A massive blizzard was predicted to hit the Northeast with up to 18 inches of snow. By nightfall the accumulation amounted to less than 6 inches. More is to come, but this snowstorm will […]

Blizzard Conditions In Fort Greene

No snow fell on Christmas Day in New York. None fell on New Year’s Day north in Duchess County either, although snow clung to the rocky shadows in the woods. The North Atlantic states were experiencing an extraordinarily warm winter, despite my prayers to pagan snow gods. Two days ago the weathermen predicted a change. […]

Good Sledding

TV newscasters warned viewers of Snowstorm Nemo’s danger throughout the end of the week. Families stocked up on provisions and elected officials prepared their states, cities, and town for the worst. After we shut the safe, Richie Boy asked if I wanted to sport-drink with him down in Battery Park City. “My wife’s in Florida, […]

Snow Ball

The aging process has you firmly in its grasp if you never get the urge to throw a snowball. – Doug Larson I have thrown snowballs during each snowfall in New York this year. There have been two. My age is only a date. In my head I’m 15. Winter, spring, summer or fall.