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A Chink In The Wall

The differences between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton were apparent on Thursday’s Democratic primary debate. Hillary was for a $12 minimum wage, she didn’t believe in breaking up the banks, and the former Secretary of State criticized Senator Sanders for promoting Universal Health Care, however between the two candidates the gap increased a chasm when […]

Bernie Sanders – WHAT WE CAN BE

When millions of people believe, we can win. To hear this deeply moving speech, please go to the following URL

Bernie And Bird

No Matter what, Bernie’s my man. No more wars. And the Dove says the same and so say all of us. We don’t have to listen to the others. Peace on Earth. To one and all.

Bernie Wins NH

Senator McGovern won one state and the District of Columbia in 1972. Massachusetts. A journalist asked a Bostonian why the North Dakotan had carried the Bay State against the Richard Nixon tsunami and the townie said, “As a Bostonian we know a crook, when we see one.” And we know what is right too. Go […]

Our America – Vote Bernie Sanders

Watch this video from the Bernie Sanders.