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No More Peace For Christmas

On Friday the truce between Hammas and the IDF ended with an intense aerial bombardment by Israeli F-16 with little regard for civilians in the Gaza ghetto. The IDF ordered Palestinians to vacate the North to the Strip to South increasing the population density to 13,000 per square kilometers. Leaflets accompanied the attacks telling the […]

Bingin Beach Bali 1994

Bingin Beach 1994 Eternal overhead left Over an inches deep puddle o’er the reef. Indian Ocean RW next to me A big wave coming I Pearl sliding down the face into the turmoil of a close-out. Surface The swell thickened and monsterifized Double over head. I paddle for life I make two shoulders I almost […]

THE BEAUTY OF BALI by Peter Nolan Smith

Back in the 90s I developed an annual routine of working seven days a week at the diamond exchange during the Christmas season. The weekly income and commission from the sales provided enough money for a 5-6 month hiatus in Asia and my yearly bonus paid for the around-the-world flight. Once Richie Boy and his […]

ERIN GO BALI by Peter Nolan Smith

My first trip to Bali was in 1990. Most tourists gravitated to Kuta Beach for sea, sun, and fun. Being a pseudo-intellectual I opted for Ubud, an idyllic village of Legong dancers, ornate temples, and quiet evenings, where I rented a small house overlooking an idyllic stream. My house servant served breakfast in the morning. […]

CHICKEN MESSIAHS by Peter Nolan Smith

Several years ago the media covered a story about rat-infested aGreenwich Village KFC. The stock for Yum Corp, which owns the fast food chain along with Taco Bell, dropped fifty cents on the NYSE with the negative news and I felt bad, because for several years I had been a quality control inspector for KFC […]