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Ten years ago I returned to New York after a long time in Thailand. Culture shock had been minimized by staying at my friend’s $2 million Ft. Greene brownstone, however after a week I had acclimatized to fat people with loud voices, young people walking with cellphones in their hands, and the lack of serious […]

Adrian Dannatt – My Obituarist: DOOMED AND FAMOUS @ Miguel Abreau Gallery

Last week I walked into Miguel Abreau Gallery on Orchard Street to see Adrian Dannett. The smartly dressed Welsh writer, comedic child actor, discerning art spiv, poetic flaneur, global interlocutor, and arcane curator, was busy at work on a computer, messaging interested parties to schedule a tete-a-tete viewing of his art collection and promote his […]

More Is Not Necessarily More

A friend recently castigated my writing with the criticism that I was a sloppy writer. He was speaking the truth and I said, “My father always thought that I was sloppy too.” “You end up writing too much.” Dannett was editor for a famed newspaper’s obit section. “Sometimes more is more.” “I wish that you […]

F Is Not For Fake

My editor Adrian sent this photo from Christie’s in London. They want 50K Sterling for this scribbling by Karen Kilimnik. I worked the door of the Bains-Douches in that era of error. And I’m worthless. No commercial value no sell out – Pascha Ray But I do like her work.

Adrian Dannett in Miami

Funnily enough the dinner last night was hosted by GRAFF and I accosted King Laurence Graff to get you a new job without much joy lots of celebrities wore crab bibs with diamonds printed on them thanks to Graff! love AD Gallery largesse may have radically dwindled this year as private dinner budgets are slashed […]