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Made In The USA

Written Sep 11, 2012 It’s been eleven years since 9/11. Last night I erected my own Twin Towers. They cost $4. Made in the USA. Drank in NYC.

Yet Another 9/11 Hoax

The circumstances surrounding 9/11 has been cloaked by theories of conspiracies and hoaxes. Many people believe that the US government brought down the Twin Towers with the help of the Israeli military or that the planes were drone jets and not commercial liners. Everyone with a half a brain has questioned the discovery of hijacker […]

Splashing Gas on a Fire

Written September 25, 2010 World leaders have flocked to New York for the General Assembly. President Obama addressed the dignitaries to ask for a final solution to the Palestinian problem. Other diplomats have voiced their concerns over poverty and global warming, however the Iranian president scored big with his claim that the 9/11 attacks were […]

9/11 9 years minus 2 days

Written 9/11/2010 Last night I drank wine and smoked weed with my 18 year-old nephew. Odin and I left my apartment at midnight. I lifted my head to the sky. Two columns of light scorched the black-blue sky. 9/11 monument. 9 years later. I still feel sadness. Never fear. You know where the lights lead.

9/11 Plus 6

Bring me the head of Osama Bin Laden! The Pentagon increased the reward for OBL to $50,000,000 tax-free Dead or Alive. No takers. The al-Quada mastermind responded to this ante with video inviting the West to embrace Islam or else. Faced with those two options I regretfully have to inform the world’s most wanted fugitive […]