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Throwing Back Fish

Last weeekend Bushwick was heaving with artists, hipsters, dealers, and tourists enjoying a day of open studios in the rejuvenated industrial wasteland. I had bicycled over to Grattan Street to view a friend’s paintings. Frank Holiday greeted me with surprise. “I’m so happy you showed up.” “As am I.” I quickly examined his new paintings. […]

MY TIME by Golden Dawn

To hear this classic garage acid song from the 60s, please go to the following URL

You Bet I Would Mummy Mummy Hot Legs

URGE FOR GOING Joni Mitchell

Men and boys weren’t allowed to like Joni Mitchell during the 60s and 70s. But that was wrong-headed thinking. Joni wrote great songs and sang them even better. URGE FOR GOING is a killer. I love it to his day

SOMEONE TO LOVE The Great Society

In 1965 Grace Slick and her husband formed the Great Society in San Francisco. They released ‘SOMEONE TO LOVE’ as a live single on Autumn Records with Sly Stone as the producer. Sadly Grace left the band to join the Jefferson Airplane, which scored a huge hit with their version of SOMEONE TO LOVE. To […]