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Out Of Work

I haven’t had a job since the New Year. I have looked for work without success. Men my age are viewed as refuges from the retirement roles. I have retired many times in my life. I have unretired as many times as well. Yesterday I sought employment on 47th Street. I know diamonds. Everyone was […]

Work by Maynard G Krebs

From 1959 to 1963 THE LOVES OF DOBIE GILLIS was one of America’s favorite TV shows featuring Dwayne Hickman in the lead role along with Bob Denver as his friend. Maynard G Krebs believed life was for living and he mere mention of the word ‘work’ made him quiver. He was the most famous beatnik […]

Long Weekend

Labor Day was established to commemorate the deaths of Pullman Train Strikers at the hands of the federal government. This history has faded from the collective memory of America and the country now celebrates the holiday as the end of summer with BBQs, mass exoduses to the beach and mountains, drunk driving contests, and country […]

Sleeping on the Job #1

When I was a kid, some men would see road crews leaning on their shovels and called them lazy bastards. My father had worked a lumber camp in his youth and tell them, “You’ve never worked a day in your life, if you say that.” He was an electrical engineer. His hands were soft, but […]


Working at the metal shop is exhausting. We construct objects from steel, zinc, tin, and bronze. Everything is heavy and the work is hard, but better than being broke, since my old spot on 47th Street is gone. No one is buying diamonds these days and even my old friend and boss Richie Boy is […]