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Guilty Single Male On the Planet

This photo of Al Franken mock-groping Leeann Tweeden on a C-4 to Iraq has convicted the Minnesota senator of sexual harassment and I have to admit to the same behavior. Noi Khang and I had been friend for over ten years in Pattaya. I remembered her being thin, Noi had a good appetite. Like most […]

The Curse Of Sir Grope-A-Lot

This October Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was out as a sexual predator. Actresses had complained about constant harassment during castings and groping on the sets, however their agents and fellow actors persuaded the victims that a formal accusation was not in their best interests. His behavior went with the territory of the Sunset Strip. Finally […]

Sexual Race Traitor

2000 started the new millennium. My plans for the future were short-term, so I had a good feeling for the next decade. MTV threw a New Year’s Eve bash in Times Square. Most certainly drugs and drink were involved in the evening’s festivities, yet no sex since I had forsworn coupling with white women in […]

Thai Love Potion Comeback

Most foreigners have little knowledge of Thai magic. Fewer have experienced its influence, however their ignorance doesn’t diminish the power that incantations and spells hold over the Thais. Forget the 7/11s, the Benzes, the DVD players, the Thai’s greatest fascination is with magic, because while money might be an turn-on for most women and beauty […]

My Motorcycle Broke Down

Men truly are able to think of nothing. And women think of everything.