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Farangs consider themselves smarter than Thais. This superiority complex is based on the centuries of Western domination over the rest of the world. Foreigners boast about their education and well-paid jobs to each other with pride. The Thais regard farangs kee-nok or bird shit. The West never conquered Thailand. Farang food is tasteless and the […]

Overstay in Paradise

Thailand’s beaches and nightlife combine with a rich cultural heritage and world-class cuisine to create SE Asia’s # 1 tourist destination. Millions of foreigners flock to the tropical country and hundreds of thousands of farangs fall in love with the torpid life under the palms. I myself have upped houses in the USA to live […]

F for Fake and Fucked

Computers have created impassable hurdles for outlaws and this week Thai Immigration officials arrested a suspected 21-year-old British national on her departure at Suvarnabhumi Airport. Her travel document was awash with errors such as the misspelling of Suvarnabhumi and departures from said airport prior to its opening. Police have detained the young lady with a […]

Thai Visa Tactics

Farangs on the Thai Visa Forum were reacting in a customary panic to the declaration from the Immigration Offices that all future 60-day tourist extensions will be reviewed with the intent of weeding out those farangs working or seeking work illegally in Thailand. I can suggest several tactics to avoid such scrutiny. First; don’t seek […]

Yul Brenner Shaved his Head

Farangs have long been a source of income for the Thai nation either as business partners, tourists, or family support, however the present government like the previous regime views those westerners without proper visas as a threat to national sovereignty and have announced a final edict ending the abuse to the renewal of 60-day tourist […]