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November 26, 1978 East Village – Journal Entry

I’m completely broke once more after two week’s without work. I suppose this depression about money will be my guiding light for the futre, but I can’t worry about the trivialities about which I can’t do anything. Somehow I have to find a job. THE HUDSON DOCKS NOVEMBER 1978 November night Derelict docks stretch along […]

The Neponsit Homes Eternal

The Neposit Homes overlooked Riis Park Beach. Originally constructed as TB wards and later serving as mental wards and finally converted to a home for local seniors. I recalled sunning naked beneath those windows in 1978 with Sharon Mitchell after a long night into the dawn. The old ladies shouting kind words to us in […]

Moby Dick Amnesia

Everyone of my generation was forced to read Heman Merville’s MOBY DICK. THe first line of this epic novel “Call me Ishmael” was burned into our memories and teachers spent days trying to decipher the meaning of author, but none of us were aware of MOBY DICK’s voyage in American Literature having only sold 3000 […]


Nothing like it Standing at the stern of a ferry The wake fanning out a ‘Selamat Tingaal’ To Ternate and Tidore The Spice Islands. We are crossing the Moluku Sea Nothing like it As the evening mist rises from the gentle waves And electric light illuminate a shore village The twin volcanos rising from the […]

A FINE DAY FOR SAILING by Peter Nolan Smith

My grandmother hailed from County Mayo in Ireland. Her last name was Walsh. Nana traveled by ship to Boston at the age of fourteen. Most of the other passengers were cattle. “We sailed in the Year of the Crow,” she told her grandchildren in her lovely Gaelic accent. “When was that?” I asked to pin […]