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Cut Schurkes Loose

According to Wikipedia the etymology of the word “shark” might have been derived from the Yucatec Maya word xok, pronounced ‘shok’. Evidence for this etymology comes from the Oxford English Dictionary, which notes shark first came into use after Sir John Hawkins’ sailors exhibited one in London in 1569 and posted “sharke” to refer to [...]

Safer Than Peanuts

legalization, marijuana, governor chrystie, causes of death The top 15 causes of death in the USA are the following according to ( I have added the major causes of these top causes of death based on my hunches and not scientific fact); 1. Heart Disease (obesity and tobacco) 2. Cancer (tobacco, pollution, stress, and [...]

Jaws Ha-Ha

Aawut and friends were fishing in the middle of deep sea. After a long day of fishing, Aawut felt like going to swim, so he took off his clothes and get himself ready to dive in the sea. But as he jumped off the boat, he noticed a large shark swimming nearby. With hesitation, Aawut [...]

Tora Tora Shark Tora

href=””> Last week a teenager tourist was killed by a shark attack in Brazil. The big fish tore apart her left leg and doctors were not able to save the girl, even after amputating her leg. There have been 21 shark attacks in the region since 1991, although the young woman was the first recorded [...]

The Day After Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong has long been Thailand’s most beautiful festival with candle-lit balloons rising into a night sky illuminated by a full November moon. Five years ago I was in Pattaya. Few girls and women were dressed in the traditional costume. The police had banned fireworks and their marine patrols gathered the krathong offerings less than [...]