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BET ON CRAZY / Betting Super Bowl XXIV

For years Richie Boy and I bet the Super Bowl according to the Manny Principle, which was that his father had never beat the spread for the NFL’s final game and in 1990 the championship game posed the 49ers against the Broncos in New Orleans. All week Googs, Domingo, Richie Boy, and I had been […]

I’M GOOD IF YOU’RE GOOD by Peter Nolan Smith

Written March 25, 2014 Opening a jewelry store in the Plaza Hotel seemed like a good idea in the Spring of 2009. I was dead broke after my arrest in Thailand for copyright infringement and my wife Mam was pregnant with our son. The Plaza was one of New York’s premier destinations. Wealth was in […]

CRAZY MUSLIMS by Peter Nolan Smith

Yesterday I called my ‘niece’ Andy to wish her Happy new Year. She had already left the diamond exchange and explained that she was having a drink at the Plaza Hotel bar. “I’m meeting my sister and her wife for Rosh Hashanah.” “Nice, I’m in Brooklyn, otherwise I’d come and meet you.” The beautiful brunette […]

The Great Disappointment – Pattaya

For puritanical Christians early 19th Century America was a cesspool of sin and Satan threatened the souls of the White Race through race mixing, while women’s demand for equality attacked the eternal domination of men over the weaker sex. Children lost their religion and the United States was driven not by godliness, but Mammon the […]

GOP Failure Election 2022

On Aug. 8, 1925 tens of thousands of white-robed KKK marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington to exhobit their strength. Almost a hundred years later on January 6, 2021 thousands of right-wing fascists heeded Trump’s call to violently storm the Capitol Building and prevent Joe Biden’s from becoming president and since that insurrection the Fascists […]