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Goodbye Zardoz

On Halloween Sean Connery passed away at the age of 90 on Lyford Cay in the Bahamas. His acting career covered over fifty years with his James Bond role earning him worldwide fame in the 1960s. “Bond…James Bond.” That iconic line from DOCTOR NO will live on, but Connery was fed up with 007 and […]


The last time I saw Johnny Thunders was in Paris. He was appearing at Gibus outside of Republique. It was 1985. We spoke about CBGBs, where he had been a star. I was a worshiper. His manager was a New York coke dealer of dubious German connections. I owed him $50. Johnny said, “Stiff him.” […]


A blizzard struck Manhattan on February 4, 1978. The snowstorm closed the city within the first hours. The streets became impassable for cars soon afterwards, as 100 mph winds buried the sidewalks under 5-foot drifts. My hillbilly girlfriend and I were trapped in our East Village apartment for days. The gas stove’s four burners prevented […]

Taylor Blue Winsted RIP

a poem of misunderstanding by dakota pollock why did it have to be taylor when there are others both cruel and inhumane who bankrupt their own brother after violent arguments regarding inheritances; murderers who smile while on trial in court, the families of the victims grieving and weeping and crying trying to find meaning and […]

Farrah is a Betty

Don’t we miss her. For a related article click on this URL“