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Jesus Jah Ma

“I have nothing against Christ. It’s your Christians I hate.” This remark has historically been attributed to Saladin the Arab Jihadist during the Crusades. I feel the same way about most religions except beer-worshippers. “Every day is Beermas,” my mate Nick declared at Pattaya’s Buffalo Bar with the fervor of a suicide beer-drinker. “The same […]

No More Beer For Lent

I’m an old atheist. Non-Belief runs in my family as strongly as the acceptance of the Divine. I was raised a Catholic. The Old Religion. My rejection of faith at the age of eight failed to deter my buying into the celebrations of the saints throughout the Church calendar; St. Brigid’s Day, St. Padraic’s Day, […]

The Sacrifice of Lent

In 1962 the pope convened his cardinals for an ecumenical council aimed at modernizing the Catholic Church. The most noticeable change came with the abandonment of Latin for the Litany of the Mass. No more ‘mea culpas’ or ‘sanctus sactus sanctus’. The priests intoned the ancient texts in English stripping away the magic of the […]

Valentine Day’s 10 Commandments of Love in Thailand

Back in 2007 anyone thinking that Valentine’s Day in Thailand was a purely commercial holiday for selling roses without a bouquet and red lingerie for your mia noi, the Culture Ministry’s declaration of 10 Commandments of Love must have come as a surprise, especially since you can’t find a complete list of the 10 dos or don’ts. […]

The Vanishing of Belief

My aunt Gloria loved to tell the story about my baptism. The christening was on a hot June day in 1952. Her husband was my godfather. He wore Marine officer whites and a smile. Uncle Jack was glad to be back from Korea. The priest recited the rites and my aunt said as soon as […]