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Torah Torah Torah by Peter Nolan Smith

TORA TORA TORA was one of my mother’s favorite films. The infamy of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor burned bright in her memory. Her friends from Jamaica Plain enlisted in the Marines, Army, and Navy by the scores. Many of them failed to return to Boston. Their bodies rest on islands across the Pacific. […]

Steeple Fall On People

Here is the Church. Here are the people. Open the roof. The steeple falls on the people. Yeah.

Jesus Is Not Back

The christians have been waiting for the Second Coming since the First Going of Jesus Christ. Many men have claimed to be the Messiah. None have been accepted by the Bible Thumpers. And neither is this guy dressed as Jesus in Hollywood singing I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME. That sog sucks. To hear Rock […]

CRAZY MUSLIMS by Peter Nolan Smith

Yesterday I called my ‘niece’ Andy to wish her Happy new Year. She had already left the diamond exchange and explained that she was having a drink at the Plaza Hotel bar. “I’m meeting my sister and her wife for Rosh Hashanah.” “Nice, I’m in Brooklyn, otherwise I’d come and meet you.” The beautiful brunette […]

ROSH A HOMA by Peter Nolan Smith

Last night I sat in Frank’s Lounge with Vince. The owner’s nephew and I were discussing a teaching position as a creative writer. It sounded good and the Fort Greene native said, “Hell, I have a four day weekend thanks to Rush a homa.” “You mean Rosh Hashanah?” My boss from the Diamond District also […]