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Israeli Brilliance

Almost every nation is in competition for the most egotistical country on Earth. I exempt Puntland, although I’m certain the Harti Darod and Mehri wanderers have conflicting views concerning their heritage, especially since Harti means strong man in Somali Arabic. Confidently I’m also certain that Mehri says ‘strong smell men’. Egotism isn’t a bad thing, […]

The William Burroughs Museum

Yesterday lame-duck mayor proposed plans for the long barren tract south of Delancey Street. Bloomberg envisioned over 1000 multi-class housing units, office space, a refurnished Essex Market, a cineplex, and New York City’s very own Andy Warhol Museum. The tenements along the broad thoroughfare to the Williamsburg Bridge had been demolished by city planners in […]

Fawn Versus Maureen

The other day the former owner of Danceteria emailed a youtube link showing the FOX NEWS correspondent on patrol with a Marine squad in Afghanistan. John’s nephew was also on this mission as a combat soldier. The squad came under fire and Oliver North maintained his cool having served as a marine in Vietnam. After […]

Rich And Poor – Josh Billings

“About the only difference between the poor and the rich, is this, the poor suffer misery, while the rich have to enjoy it.” Josh Billings – American Humorist

Socialism Not Allowed In The USA