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December 9, 1978 – East Village – Journal

I haven’t seen Alice all day. My honey has been deluged by problems. The previous show’s Emcee, David McDermott, bailed on presiding over METRO NOVELTIES. A day before the opening. His resignation might have occured, because Klaus Nomi garnered all the praise, ignoring his hilarious haute fey frontman performance. Alice said nothing about the whys, […]


A drifter stand on Route 15 The Sonoran Desert
 All around Bobby BeBadd Hot Asphalt Under his feet
 The sun parching his Gringo skin Skag soothing his soul
 But Bobby wants
 A cold cerveza
 More Culiacan heroin
 And Mazatlan.
 A coastal city.
 THe magic of its name.
 Old Aztec magic.
 Nahuatal for abundant […]

Willow Weep Weather

The weeping willow withered with winter While waiting warm weather Wishing for the green leaves of Spring.

January 3, 1979 – Journal – East Village

Alice and I get drunk at CBGBs with Bill Yusk. At CBGBs. Where else? Alice was mad at me, because she had to wait at the door. Lisa Krystal wouldn’t let her in for free without me. Kim wasn’t waitressing either. “I don’t understand why they treat you like they do.” Alice thinks I’m nothing. […]

December 29, 1978 – East Village – Journal Entry

Disco was king on 1978. Rock and roll was a distant second and punk barely scratched the airwaves. Everyone was into Disco. Donna Summer, a Dorchester native, ruled the charts with MacArthur Park and Last Dance, Chic took over in December with Le Freak. The shout for Disco echoed across the country and world. While […]