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John Water’s 25 Days of Xmas

Day 1… Get naked and smoke. Day 2… Ask a neighbor if they find it funny that every man in the neighborhood has a penis. Day 3… Flash someone. Day 4… Get your hair done. Day 5….Go to a porn theater (or rent a porno movie) Day 6… Whenever you hear someone say “shit” tell [...]

Angels On The Head Of A Needle

Gallnippers or mega mosquitoes have invaded Seminole County in Florida. According to entomologists at U Fla are about twenty times larger than the local mosquitoes and have a hall of a bite. Judging from the photo I can faithfully answer an ancient query which pesters medieval scholars. Thomas Aquinas wrote in Summa Theologica, “Can several [...]

Do Be Do Be Do

“To be is to do”-Socrates “To do is to be”-Sartre “Do Be Do Be Do”-Sinatra “Yaba Daba Doo!”-Fred Flintstone

The Past Present and Future

Never view the present without looking at the past to see the future. – James Steele

Obsession with Possession

obsession, nothingness, james Steele Materialism is a fleeting desire of possession and all spiritualism is nothing but an attempt to explain nothingness to justify our obsession with possessions. – James Steele