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Starving Snowman

The Swedes have an expression; In spring no one thinks of the snow that fell last year. One Swede might argue that point, for AP reported that police in thenorthern town of Umeaa have rescued a motorist stranded deep snow since December. No one reported the man in his mid-40s as missing and he was […]

Silencing the Truth

Operation Dark Heart by Operation Dark Heart detailed the process how an special operation of the US Military tracked down the 9/11 hijackers prior to the attack. The operation passed on this intelligence to the FBI, which ignored the warning. This damning allegation as well as several other accusations had the Pentagon on a book […]

Party Hat by Slavoj Zizek

To read this great opinion piece about the collapse of communism click on the following URL.

Paris Hilton banged back to Jail

This week Paris Hilton was unexpectedly granted a change of venue for her jail sentence. 42 days at home wearing a Gucci arrest anklet. Fox News screamed that this leniency was sending another negative message to the youth of America and called for her return to LA County Jail. Today they got their wish. Judge […]

Monks Dog-Eating Frenzy

At the debut of Gulf War One I was on the Spice Island of Ternate. Muslim men paraded about the streets, shouting out support for Saddam. The word amok or ‘going bloodmad crazy’ comes from the Indonesian language. As the only American within 500 miles I opted to wait out these manifestations before leaving the hotel for […]