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Elephant versus humans – World Cup Soccer

In 2006 the Thai authorities have carted out the tired image of elephants playing football against humans in order to make some irrelevant point against gambling on the World Cup. This game was organized in Ayuthayya by some craven eggheads from a nearby institute of higher learning how to be like everyone else in the […]

Crime and Punishment in Pattaya

Several years ago a 61 year-old farang stabbed his girlfriend three times. She was in her twenties. The hospital staff declared the unfortunate lover DOA at the hospital. The idiot in a fit of remorse slashed himself with the murder weapon. This sad story occurs regularly in Pattaya but also everywhere else in the world. Hollywood […]

Huffington Post Fluff

The Huffington Post was founded by Arianna Huffington on May 9, 2005. Ms. Huffington was a respected conservative journalist and under her tutelage she transformed the website into the leading liberal source of information. I regularly visited the site. Arianna Huffington was succeeded by Lydia Polgreen, formerly of The New York Times, in 2015. The […]

Two-Headed Headlines

This week the Wall Street Journal came out with two banners on Donald Trump’s surprise visit to speak with the Mexican President. The second daily edition for Austin, Texas stating TRUMP SOFTENS HIS TONE was followed later by a banner declaring TRUMP TALKS TOUGH ON WALL. The internet was aglow with accusation of doctoring the […]

Starving Snowman

The Swedes have an expression; In spring no one thinks of the snow that fell last year. One Swede might argue that point, for AP reported that police in thenorthern town of Umeaa have rescued a motorist stranded deep snow since December. No one reported the man in his mid-40s as missing and he was […]