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Vespa Fun

Back in 1978 a biker working as a cook at Serendipity 3 said, “Riding a Vespa is like fucking a tranny. It’s a lot of fun until one of your friends sees you.” Obviously he never saw Long Mint. I met her in BKK. She wanted 10,000 baht for an hour. I had 7000. She [...]

Steve McQueen How Cool

Steve McQueen was the coolest movie star ever. Sean Connery and Clint Eastwood are living icons, but Steve was the champion of cool. Dead or alive. As a child my brothers, sisters, and I attended Our Lady of the Foothills south of Boston. The parochial grammar school heavily tressed the Four Rs of reading, ‘riting, [...]


Driving on the weekend is a bad idea. Traffic is in anarchy-mode. Yellow lights mean go fast. Red lights say go faster to drivers trapped in dead-end jobs. Sunday behind the wheel they drive according to size. Traditionally Chinese have been deemed the worst driver, however they have been superseded by Hassidim in mini-vans and [...]

A Boy Of Montana

My second choice for greatest athlete of the 20th Century has been Evel Knievel. Mohammad Ali was the greatest fighter and Bill Russell won more NBA championships, however the Butte, Montana native rode a motorcycle like a demon and refused to quit no matter how badly he had broken body. His public expected nothing less [...]

Unlucky Someone

This evening a biker ran a light at West Broadway and Houston. He didn’t make it to the other side in this life. Drive safe, bikers. The first Kawasaki Ninja came to America in 1986. We called them ‘widowmakers’. They were too much speed for a man. Same as this Unlucky Someone.