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The 1960s Space Race between the USSR and USA exterminated young boys’ worship of westerns. Cowboy hats, vests, guns, and holsters were retired to the closet next to toy boats and teddy bears. During the autumn of 1962 I pleaded with my parents to buy me an astronaut costume for Halloween and my father answered […]

Cowgirl In The Sand

Nothing says premature E-Jack-O-Lantern better than a cowgirl in the sand outfit at Ralph’s Hardware Shop on a Sunday morning. Strangely everyone in the ‘hood thought my attire was too conservative. “Maybe you should wear some pink,” suggested Irene the young portress. “It works for me.” Pretty in pink? To hear Neil Young’s COWGIRL IN […]

Sanmhar Samhain

Halloween has nothing to do with Christianity. The Harvest Holiday originated way into BC. The Romans dedicated the feast to Pomona, the goddess of fruits and seeds, and the Celts celebrated the summer’s end with huge bonfires to evoke the blessing of the spirit world for the dark half of the year. Walking between the […]


Halloween had been celebrated on Oct. 31 for most of my entire life, but last year a Connecticut State representative floated an ill-conceived idea to change the holiday to always fall on a weekend. “Halloween is fun night for the whole family, but not so much when you have to race home from work, get […]

Sad Day for the Vikings

Each end of promenade on Boston’s Commonwealth Avenue honor heroic personages. The only one I can remember is Leif Erickson, the Viking outlaw reputed to be the first European to set foot in the New World. The Norsemen were great sailors ranging from Byzantium to Vinland. The owner of Jenny Bar on Soi Xcite in […]