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Nothing 2015

Someone once told me, “How you spend New Year’s Day is how you will spend the rest of the year.” After a pleasant dinner west of Times Square I walked down 42nd Street to catch the N train at 7th Avenue. The sidewalks were crowded with revelers and the police were struggling to load a […]

New Year’s Resolutions 2015

Every January 1st millions of Americans vow to better their lives and the world. The Top Ten New Year’s resolutions barely differ from year to year, since few people ever realize their resolutions. I made no resolutions last year and I probably won’t make one this year either.

MOVEABLE XMAS by Peter Nolan Smith

Christmas 2014 belongs to the past. I was too sick to travel to visit my family in Boston. My Christmas Eve was spent hacking clear my lungs like I reincarnating the final agonies of Doc Holiday on his last legs at the Hotel Glenwood. Reputedly the tubercular gun fighter looked at his bare feet and […]

THE SEASON FOR GIVING by Peter Nolan Smith

Early on the morning of December 24, 1985 Vonelli, Lizzie and I boarded a train at Gard Du Nord. I could see my breath. The winter damp had a good hold on Paris. Lizzie exhaled a thick cloud of smoke. The singer liked her Gaulloises. Lord Ventnor had invited us to spend the Christmas Holiday […]

Boxing Day

Boxing Day is a strictly English holiday dating back to the Middle Ages when the lower class received hand-outs from their feudal overlords. In early capitalist customers dropped coins for the workers into a clay pot. On December 26 the high-class owners would dole out the year’s bonus to their underpaid workers, however whenever I […]