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WHEELS OF FIRE by Peter Nolan Smith

In the late summer of 1971 my college friend Paul Deseret and I hitchhiked from Boston to San Francisco. Our friends were living in the Haight. They were girls. I had had sex with one of them and sleeping with Marilyn again was enough of a reason to cross a continent, especially since neither Paul […]

SECTION 43 Country Joe and the Fish

To hear SECTION 43 Country Joe and the Fish, please go to the following URL

All Bands Suck But Strawberry Window

I have no idea how I found this band or how I missed them in the 60s, but Strawberry Window is the new thing. to hear them please go to this URL

One Bag Theory

Back in 1974 my good friend AK and I traveled cross-country to Encinitas, a small beach town slightly north of San Diego. We were crashing at his friend’s bungalow and our days were spent sunning and bodysurfing at Moonlight Beach or smoking pot and drinking wine at night. We made friends with a hippie guitar […]

Groovy Thailand

The world was a groovy place before the Vietnam War. Thailand was cool. To see how cool go to this URL for Or Check out Kwuan Tai Duew Luk Phen YOU SHOULD DIE BY BULLETS from Thailand on youtubes or Louis Kennedy – Poo Yai Lee on