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The Outrage of Christ

THE LAST TEMPTATION by Nikos Kazantzakis was a revelation for a young boy living on the South Shore of Boston in the early 60s. I found the book in our town library next to his successful novel ZORBA THE GREEK. Reading the blurb on the dust cover I was shocked to discover that Kazantzakis had […]

LOSING GOD by Peter Nolan Smith

A week before Christmas of 1967 I received my midterm report card from Our Lord’s Health High School. Bruder Karl had been gracious enough to pass me with a D+ in German. Having a stutter and stammer I had been expecting worst, but I was surprised to see that Brother Valentine had failed me in […]

Going To Hell

1. An Indian man dies and arrives at the Pearly Gates. “Yes, how can I help?” asks St Peter. “I’m here to meet Jesus,” says the Indian man. St Peter looks over his shoulder and shouts, “Jesus, your cab is here!” 2. What’s the difference between the real Jesus and a picture of Jesus? It […]

Jesus In A Dog’s Butt

Is this the Second Coming?

Galileo’s Eternal Salute

Galileo Galilei helped restore science to Europe with his telescopic exploration of the solar system and stars. The Holy Mother Church in Rome was confounded by his heliocentric beliefs that the Earth revolved around the Sun, which was contrary to geocentricism. His Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems attacked the ignorance of Pope Urban […]