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Dreams of Fast Cars

I am planning a trip to Thailand. My English friends have called with a request to break the JFK-Bangkok flight with a JFK-Heathrow landing. I love them all, but unfortunately for the Limeys I missed my children too much to deviate from my flight plans, although last night a dream transported my unconsciousness wish to […]

LUCKY IN LOVE by Peter Nolan Smith

The dawn sun burned misty shadows off the mountains and a stark brightness seared through my eyelids, as I rose from my sleeping bag to drink in the austere surroundings. Flatness stretched forever. A hissing wind pelleted my face with ancient brine. The salt lay five feet deep this far from the lake. A quick […]

Haoui Haoui

Twenty years ago I called Hauoi from Singapore. He had been sick for a long time and told me of his plans. “I’m going to get drugged up and OD watching THE SIMPSONS.” “Sounds good to me.” I loved Bart, but I asked if he could wait until I was with him. “How long?” “Three […]

John DeSilvia / Builder

Last week my good friend John DeSilvia appeared on Katie Couric showing her viewers how to save money when building a house. Here’s his bio: John DeSilvia is a tough-as-nails Brooklyn native and a former union carpenter. A licensed contractor, “Johnny D” earned a degree from the Pratt Engineering School. After graduation he learned the […]


In September 1973 Nick and I stood on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley with a horde of other hippies flocking home after a California summer. Nick was headed to Oklahoma, where his BMW had been repaired after a crash in Tulsa. My destination was Boston to complete my final year of university. I sat on my […]