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Haoui Haoui

Twenty years ago I called Hauoi from Singapore. He had been sick for a long time and told me of his plans. “I’m going to get drugged up and OD watching THE SIMPSONS.” “Sounds good to me.” I loved Bart, but I asked if he could wait until I was with him. “How long?” “Three [...]

John DeSilvia / Builder

Last week my good friend John DeSilvia appeared on Katie Couric showing her viewers how to save money when building a house. Here’s his bio: John DeSilvia is a tough-as-nails Brooklyn native and a former union carpenter. A licensed contractor, “Johnny D” earned a degree from the Pratt Engineering School. After graduation he learned the [...]


In September 1973 Nick and I stood on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley with a horde of other hippies flocking home after a California summer. Nick was headed to Oklahoma, where his BMW had been repaired after a crash in Tulsa. My destination was Boston to complete my final year of university. I sat on my [...]

Honor To Doctor Nick

My longtime friend Doctor Neil Nepola was honored for his service to Staten Island. We met in European History 101 back in 1970. He married a beautiful wife, raised a loving family, and remains one of my dearest friend. Back in 1973 Neil and I were standing on University Avenue in Berkely. A Ford Pinto [...]

The Arthur Of Light

Arthur Weinstein was a master of light. His gift was to transform empty space into cathedrals of color. His miracles remained entrenched in my memories of Hurrah, the Jefferson, Continental, and Milk Bar. Tomorrow is his birthday and anyone who was his friend will know how to celebrate his joyous life. Long live Arthur Weinstein.