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Lorraine Hotel Fifty-Three Years Ago

In April 1968 Martin Luther King Jr. traveled to Memphis to address a gathering at the Masonic Temple. The city’s black sanitation workers had walked off the job to protest working condition and low wages. The speech keynoted by the phrase ‘I’ve been to the mountaintop.” That night King stayed at the Lorraine Hotel with […]

Martin Luther King Lives

Martin Luther King was a man of non-violence. He led his people to greater freedom. MLK showed others the righteousness of his beliefs. His words ring as true today as back at the time of his death. We Have A Dream. To hear Martin Luther King’s Speech I HAVE A DREAM, please go to the […]

Silence On Cellblock # 9

When I left the USA for Africa in February 2020 over 80,000 prisoners were incarcerated in solitary confinement in US prisons, which equals the entire penal population of the UK. The practice was first introduced in the Eastern State Penitentiary in 1830. The punitive toll on inmates had been touted by prison officials as the […]

The Ghost Town Of Anarchy

During the last debate Donald Trump called New York City a ghost town. Having lived here in the 1970s I refuted the pseudo-POTUS. The Big Orange doesn’t know shit from Shinola. I admit the city blacked out in 1977. I had a good time that night, drinking with my gay friends and trying to smash […]

Trapped Like Rats

The Lower 48 States of the USA share land borders with two countries. Neither Canada nor Mexico will allow Americans to cross their frontiers. I am stuck in the USA. My families are in Thailand. My son Fenway, grandson Phot, and daughter Pam. And I have more. My daughter Angie. My grandson Sunsun. I have […]