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Martin Luther King Jr. was a great orator. His speech I HAVE A DREAM is recognized as a masterpiece of the spoken word. I know parts of it by heart. Another voice for Civil Rights was the legendary James Brown. His songs united blacks and whites, but the Godfather of Soul sang about pride and [...]

Now More Than Ever

DoomsDay Not

Tomorrow is Day 2 of the Us government shutdown. Are you all cowards? Tomorrow tell your fucking bosses not to extract fed taxes from your pay. No government. No taxes. Drink more beer. FUCK THE GOP

Anarchy In The USA

This morning the GOP Congressional reps refused to finance the US government and the federal bureaus of America shut down one by one. No national parks or museums. 800,000 workers will go on furlough, although the nation’s 1.4 million active-duty uniformed military personnel will stay on duty. The National Nuclear Security Administration will be down [...]

No Beer In Hell

Some things never change, especially if those in charge never change, and today the Vatican re-afformed that atheists such as myself are going to Hell to contradict the new Pope supposedly saying that non-believers could be saved through Christ if they do good. Hell is hell for the Holy Roman Church and in the words [...]