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Martin Luther King Lives

Martin Luther King was a man of non-violence. He led his people to greater freedom. MLK showed others the righteousness of his beliefs. His words ring as true today as back at the time of his death. We Have A Dream. To hear Martin Luther King’s Speech I HAVE A DREAM, please go to the […]

Senseless In the West Bank

Not a single Palestinian was involved with the Nazi Death Camps or the wholesale extermination of the Jews under the Third Reich, yet three years after the Fall of the Hitlerites the newly-established UN organized a partition referendum in Palestine for the refugees seeking asylum in Biblical Judah. Despite having existing as a minority in […]

Asshole of the Week 8/18/2015 Kim Davis

I understand belief as a Red Sox fan. I knew in my heart that the Fenway Faithful would be rewarded with a World Series triumph, although maybe not in my lifetime. This year I haven’t worn my Red Sox Nation shirt. The Bosox never got it together and we are last in the American League […]

Julian Bond RIP

“Violence is black children going to school for 12 years and receiving 6 years’ worth of education.” – Julian Bond A great and tireless fighter for human rights. Julian Bond was not quitter. None of us should be either. RESIST.

Fort Greene Park Of Snowdon

This morning dawn cast the spring sun on the plaza of the Prison Ship Dead in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. Early morning joggers and drowsy dog-walkers were greeted by a new edition to the Olmstead-designed park, for a bronze bust of Edward Snowden, the man to out the NSA’s illegal spying on American soil, had […]