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Fort Greene Park Of Snowdon

This morning dawn cast the spring sun on the plaza of the Prison Ship Dead in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene Park. Early morning joggers and drowsy dog-walkers were greeted by a new edition to the Olmstead-designed park, for a bronze bust of Edward Snowden, the man to out the NSA’s illegal spying on American soil, had […]

Ban All Religions

Indiana Governor Pence signed at law allowing businesses to practice religious discrimination. The case of a Bible-believing photographer refusing to shoot a gay wedding has coalesced the religious right into a frenzy about another attack on their beliefs, however any prejudicial refusal to offer services to anyone because of their sexuality is a hurtful reminder […]

Assata For Freedom

Resistance is not futile.

Bibi Came To Congress

Yesterday the Israeli PM appeared before the joint houses of the US Congress at the invitation of GOP leader John Boehner. While hundreds of world leaders have spoken from the podium on congress, all had been invited by the sitting president. The media loved this spat between Obama, the Republicans, and Netanyahu, who is facing […]


Martin Luther King Jr. was a great orator. His speech I HAVE A DREAM is recognized as a masterpiece of the spoken word. I know parts of it by heart. Another voice for Civil Rights was the legendary James Brown. His songs united blacks and whites, but the Godfather of Soul sang about pride and […]