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Cinco De Hold The Mayo

Two years ago my brother-in-law and I put the dock in the lake. The water temperature hovered around 62 and the sunny air was a warm 72 for Southern Maine. David and I waddled into the water with trepidation, but it wasn’t so bad once we passed our waists. Coming out was another thing. Both […]

Martin Luther King Lives

Martin Luther King was a man of non-violence. He led his people to greater freedom. MLK showed others the righteousness of his beliefs. His words ring as true today as back at the time of his death. We Have A Dream. To hear Martin Luther King’s Speech I HAVE A DREAM, please go to the […]

Laughing Fire

She smiles like she just burned a mortgage-ridden house. insured to the hilt. Take that you filthy bankers. Burn Baby Burn.

No More Bakkum Pipeline

Fracking became a major force in North Dakota during the 00s, as the Bush regime actively pursued the production of oil trapped within the Earth of the Midwest. Water from the aquifer and Missouri River were combined with solvent to be pumped into the depths to free the oil. For year the sludge has been […]

48D Long Freedom

I loved the old Times Square. Now it’s a tourist trap waiting the rebirth of a generation of vicious Fagins, the criminal kingpin of Charles Dickens’ OLIVER TWIST. I have more respect more respect for the ruthless thieves of the 70s than the XXXXL tourists stuffing their faces with fast food on the ruins of […]