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Sud De France

For thousands of years the Mediterranean Sea has been a jewel. Wines, olives, and slaves flowed from the coast. Wealth drenched cities. I arrived there in 1982. Antibes. The city had existed since the Bronze Ages. I only knew for the now of 1982. Women shadowed by the Mare Nostrum. Friends. Friend and husband, a […]

A SMALL FISH by Peter Nolan Smith

The Cote d’Azur stretching along the Mediterranean from Ventimiglia to St. Tropez has been populated since before the Bronze Age, but the French actress Brigitte Bardot renewed interest in the Riviera with her debut appearance as a sultry teenager in the 1956 film ET DIEU CREA LA FEMME. That summer the blonde sensation adorned every […]

FEAR OF HEIGHTS By Peter Nolan Smith

At the end of the summer in 1989 I ended my stay in Perpignan by the Spanish border and hitchhiked east to visit English friends in the Luberon. We had a great time touring the historic valley and drinking wine throughout the before heading north into the Alps. It was an ancient land. I survived […]

Wash Your Hands

99% of men at a Yankee game refrain from washing their hands after a visit to the Men’s room. There was something macho about this lapse in cleanliness so far from godliness. As a Red Sox fan I was no different from these Yankee cocksuckers. Covid-19 has converted me to frequent hand-washing. My fingers no […]

The Eternal Ugliness Of Serge

I’ve succeeded at everything except my life. I know my limits. That’s why I’m beyond. I like the night, I have clearer ideas in the dark. I prefer ugliness to beauty, because ugliness endures. I am incapable of mediocrity. Ugliness is superior to beauty because it lasts longer. Serge Gainsbourg And let’s not forget the […]